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SCHUCH InnovationNews

We are pleased to present our Innovation News to you today for the first time. Because not only innovative new products show the continuous technical development at SCHUCH.

Often it is rather inconspicuous optimizations that make our quality luminaires even more efficient, more comfortable or safer and thus offer you the decisive added value.

In our Innovation News, which will appear regularly from now on, we summarize precisely these points for you.

Keep yourself up to date:

The new generation of 
pendant light fittings 564/565

In order to meet our sustainability goals in product design, we have completely redesigned our well-known pendant luminaires from the 564 and 565 series. As part of this, the next generation has also been given a memorable name and now shines as BELLA, the beautiful one, with two notable improvements in particular:
  • Thanks to new, integrated covers in the housing, light emissions into the upper half-space are completely avoided (ULOR = 0). This means that these luminaires are now fully eligible for funding in accordance with both the municipal directive and state-specific nature conservation laws. In addition, all versions dimmable to 10% up to max. 3,000K meet the DARK SKY requirements and thus contribute to protecting the night sky from light pollution.
  • The changes to the internal structure of the luminaires now enable all electrical components to be replaced without tools. An important sustainability criterion of the European Ecodesign Regulation for more environmentally friendly and circular products.
With protection class 2 as standard, the luminaires are now also available in a VARIO version with variably adjustable luminous flux.
With the redesign of our pole-top light fittings, we are taking a further step towards sustainable product design for our entire range of outdoor light fittings.

We have placed particular emphasis on the following product features:

  • Simple modular design
  • Tool-free replacement of ECG and LED board
  • No direct light emission into the upper half-space (ULOR = 0%)
It is precisely the latter that gives this next generation its name: the BlackEdition. This version helps to protect the dark night sky by reducing light pollution to a minimum and not emitting any light directly into the upper half of the room*.

As easy adjustability of luminous flux is also playing an increasingly important role in municipal street lighting, the pole-top light fittings of Generation 2 are also available in VARIO versions. Our dip switch is easy to use and, in contrast to models where the luminous flux is set exclusively via an app, is still absolutely safe to operate even after decades.

With the introduction of the new generations, we are now also calling all our pole-top light fittings by their names: See the positive features of the new CUPINA, PLANEO, CAPA and RETRO for yourself.

*Modifications with accessories such as ring mirrors influence the radiation characteristics.

New names for familiar series

Numbers or names - which is easier to remember?

We think names are probably the better choice. That's why all new SCHUCH ranges have had a name for several years now.

Now we would also like to "baptize" our existing outdoor light fitting series so that they also have a memorable name: 

  • The streetlights in the 47 and 48 series are now called CAMINO
  • The cable luminaires in the 49 and 59 series can now be found under the name PENDO
  • The classic pole-top light fittings in the 543 and 553 series are now called RETRO and RETRO Z respectively.
This completes the circle of names in our outdoor light fitting range.


Which damp-proof luminaire is used in areas where no DALI lines are available or planned, but the luminaires still need to be intelligently controlled? That's right, the LUXANO 2 (167 series) and PROXIMA (161PX series) moisture-proof luminaires in the new version CS (CASAMBI) with radio-based control (LIMAS Air).


  • No extension of an existing installation necessary
  • No gateway and no internet connection required
  • Each individual luminaire can be controlled separately
  • Convenient configuration and control by free app (Android and iOS) via Bluetooth
  • Extensive portfolio of sensors and actuators available - all LIMAS Air system components from the SCHUCH portfolio can be used without restriction
The new versions also score with another attractive advantage: efficiency. They are equipped with a highly efficient LED system for reduced energy consumption, which leads to a significant reduction in operating costs and therefore faster amortization.

LUXANO 2 for wide temperature ranges

Luminaires for low temperatures and luminaires for high temperatures are not necessarily anything special. The special feature of the wide-temperature version of the LUXANO 2 is that a single version can be used in an extremely wide temperature range from -40°C to +50°C. In other words, not only in cold stores or in areas with high process waste heat, but also in so-called wide temperature ranges in which temperatures fluctuate from -40°C to +50°C.

Examples of this are climatic chambers, material containers, test benches in the automotive industry or generally regions with extreme temperature fluctuations.

This new variant also impressively underlines the versatility of the LUXANO series.
Mehr Lumen für mehr Licht

More lumens for more light

In order to open up areas for our moisture-proof luminaires where we have to deal with increased visual requirements or mounting heights of up to 4.5 m, we have added further versions with particularly high luminous flux to our range. Specifically, these are the LUXANO 2 type 15L100 with a luminous flux of almost 11,000 lm and the PROXIMA type 161PX 15L200 with a luminous flux of 19,400 lm. In particular, we now offer you a powerful selection of the high-quality PROXIMA damp proof luminaire series, which is mainly used in industrial areas, with variants from 7,500 lm to 11,500 lm and 14,250 lm to 19,400 lm.
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